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Me(n)tal Health Focus | Avoidance is like a Moshpit

You know when you have a task to do, and you know you know it needs to be done but you don’t? That can be called ‘avoidance’ which is a great tactic (usually for a while) but the thing about avoidance is the more you avoid something, the bigger the task seems to become and then the more you avoid it (I even avoided writing this article!)

Think of a task being like a mosh pit.

You see it, you know it’s there, you might think if I just dive in and start then that’ll get me moving (and I’ll be ok once I’ve made a start) but you don’t. You stand there looking at it and it seems to get larger and larger, so you leave. But the thing about avoidance is that either works for a while and then you give in and do what now has seemingly grown into a mammoth task or it leads to more problems and more avoidance because not doing one task means that’s now urgent (added pressure) and because that task wasn’t done now others need doing too (more avoidance) and a spiral into denial, feeling anxious or overwhelmed may follow.

So, what might be done? Get in there.

Dive in – like when you’ve braved the moshpit by waiting for that decent song that makes you think f*ck it and you wade in. That might be possible with that task.

Or maybe taking it in smaller chunks – work up to going in the pit, stand at the edge, watch what others do so you do can see how others do these things, ask for help or do it in pieces so it’s not looking at you like one mammoth thing but a series of smaller tasks that aren’t so overwhelming.

We will keep the conversation going and we will be sharing interviews, playlists, articles and resources so stay tuned for more!

Come on in!

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