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Dirty Falcon – ‘Dirty Falcon’s Medicine’

Independent Release
The Rolling Stones, Marylin Manson, Tom Waits, The Who, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, The Clash
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Independent Release
Alternative Rock

                Take a pinch of the 60’s, a dash of the 90’s and a heap of punk, make them sit down and watch documentaries about Brighton Beach, The Krays and Charles Bronson and the result will be Dirty Falcon, the British trio who have delivered their latest album ‘Dirty Falcon’s Medicine’.

                Dirty Falcon are a band exist out of time and space, they’re a fever dream of Roger Daltrey, almost impossible to pigeonhole and yet oddly accessible. There is a warmth to ‘Dirty Falcon’s Medicine’, like the listener has heard it before, a familiar skip down memory lane, except that memory lane is lined with thugs, nonces with white Transit vans and robbers committing blags with tracks such as ‘Wolf At the Door’, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Stomp’, the latter with its Marylin Manson ‘Beautiful People’ vibe is bound to drag in fans from the industrial scene whereas ‘The Last Rocker’ documents a story from Broadmoor and might as well be told by Tom Hardy playing Charles Bronson.

For all it’s 60’s nostalgia, this isn’t the sound of a band dressing like mods, trying to BE the 60’s, it drags the sound into the 21st century, but it is a tad disjointed, jumping around from sound to sound, Manson one minute to almost Tom Waits the next. It does all these sounds well and with the focus on one sound, this band could do something very, very good indeed.  

"is it a blag going on at the bookies? nah, it's Dirty Falcon!"

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