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Symfinity – ‘Anthem’

Independent Release
The Darkness, Nightwish, Jethro Tull, Shinedown
Release Date
March 5, 2021
Independent Release
Symphonic Alternative Metal

The talent needed to play symphonic metal often borders on virtuoso as band members don’t just master the standard rock n’ roll instruments, but quite often transcend into the classical world mastering elements that are often well beyond the rock and metal remit. One band are Symfinity who blend classical instruments in with an accessible rock and metal sound that can be seen on their latest album ‘Anthem’.

‘Anthem’ is a good name for this album as what Symfinity present here are a collection of songs that are rousing, inspiring, empowering and designed for the listener to ram their fists/horns in the air and salute. To do this, Symfinity take their sound, add in some beefy, catchy metal style guitars and couple it with woodwind and brass instruments to create a different sound as the listener gets a real lesson in what the likes of Kamelot and Nightwish would get if they shoved into a room with The Moody Blues or Jethro Tull and told to record.

The lyrical message which comes through on ‘Anthem’ is the strongest, but there are those metalheads which may find this a little ‘preachy’ and ‘cuddly’, we don’t want them to mess up their corpse paint do we? But ‘Anthem’ has the potential and accessibility to push Symfinity towards some real mainstream attention and high-profile support slots.

"‘Anthem’ has the potential and accessibility to push Symfinity towards some real mainstream attention"

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