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Swelling Repulsion – ‘The Severed Path’

Spirit Coffin Publishing
In Flames, StarGazer, Ænigmatum, Artificial Brain, Deviant Process
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Spirit Coffin Publishing
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

                When it comes to black metal, it is quite the norm for a band to be a duo or a one-person project, but melodic death metal? This is an almost a rare breed entirely. Formed by Caged Grave and ex-Overpower drummer Bage and Ashes for the Mute guitarist Dono, Swelling Repulsion have their feet standing in both hemispheres as Australia and the USA combine to create the band’s debut album ‘The Severed Path’.

                With ‘The Severed Path’, this isn’t the sound of a young band experimenting, finding their feet or even kneeling before an altar and blatantly worshipping at their idols. This is a band which are dyed in the wool musicians, experienced veterans from the trenches of underground metal that have allowed their melodic death metal star to rise. Tracks such as ‘Enslaved’, ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Unfathomable Depth’ show band capable of delivering thoroughly enjoyable melodic death metal with all the appeal of StarGazer, Deviant Process and Artificial Brain as well as touching on the inevitable Entombed and early In Flames sound.

                In all honesty, there is actually nothing here that hasn’t already been done one hundred times over, but Swelling Repulsion do this sound very well indeed. It is the opening chapter in a new musical venture, and it will be interesting to see how it grows and expands.

"melodic death metal done well"

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