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Arvas – ‘VI’

Whispering Voice Records
Mayhem, Marduk, Carpathian Forest
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Whispering Voice Records
Black Metal

                A black metal band from Norway without any sense of tragedy in their past is like eating a three-day old kebab, it’s good, but there’s something not quite right and you’ll end up with the shits. Once known as Örth, the band lost drummer Grim to suicide in 1999 before the band returned as Arvas. After a false start, the band have been active in since 2008 and have no delivered their sixth studio album, imaginatively titled ‘VI’.

                The title may be short and throwaway, but with ‘VI’ Arvas show that they have no time for piss-arsing about as a cacophony of black metal blasts through the speakers like a chest burster erupting during that scene in ‘Alien’. This is second wave black metal done in such a way that brings a euphoria of nostalgia to the listener as tracks such as ‘The Empress and the Shadow Stone’, ‘Appendix Diaboli’ and ‘Shappire’ pummel the speakers with the onslaught of the likes of Carpathian Forest, Mayhem and Gorgoroth.

                This nostalgia is more than enough to carry ‘VI’ over the line and it makes for a fun and enjoyable listen. There isn’t anything new here, the listener knows what they are getting and it does have a lingering essence of ‘is there something more’, but ultimately, that doesn’t stop ‘VI’ from being a decent album of proper black metal.   

"a decent album of proper black metal"

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