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Torture of Hypocrisy – ‘Humanufacture’

Total Metal Records
Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad
Release Date
October 1, 2021
Total Metal Records
Industrial Groove Metal

Torture of Hypocrisy are back with their fourth studio album, ‘Humanufacture’, and you will need to clear some room round you for some decent headbanging space, so strap in, and strap on some headphones.

With this album, they have really tried to redefine the industrial metal genre by shying away from ‘techno-esque’ music and, instead, focusing more on the heavier elements, with growling vocals, and deep and bassy riffs. The over arching themes with the album give you a good social commentary on the current state of human affairs, tackling issues with social media, fake news, and social programming. ‘Humanufacture’ is also home to their, self-proclaimed, industrial masterpiece ‘Body Parts Reproduction Facility’, which is a near 10-minute-long blast of heavy, industrial music that really sets the bar for their quality and will be a song that they may struggle to top in future releases. The mixture of growly, heavy vocals with the eerie ambient electronic sounds really draws you in to their world and makes you feel like you’ve entered their dystopian nightmare.

Overall, this album is a very good album, with the perfect combination of heavy music and deep, and thought-provoking lyrics. I look forward to future releases to see if they will follow this momentum.

"sets the bar for their quality that they may struggle to top in future"

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