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Crisix, Ana Lipec & Bastian Doblekar – ‘Speed Metal Kitchen of Doom’

Crisix & Master of Metal; Barcelona, Spain
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Crisix & Master of Metal; Barcelona, Spain

A cook book by a thrash metal band: Roughly translates to a raw, do it yourself project enriched with a tone of tour stories, polaroids, and real-life band experiences.  Or a good bedtime reading for that matter.

The recipes are quick and fairly straight forward but also rather vague and missing specific details to achieve thoroughness and accuracy. Attention to detail and detail-oriented content is showing how willing the content creator is to put in extra time on a project to ensure its completely error free, and easy to follow, which is not the case here. But as a professional chef and recipe developer with several cookbooks under my belt, I am highly observant and able to pick up on minor details that others often overlook. There’s a significant difference between cooking like Nigella Lawson-knowing the rules and deciding to break the rules- and cooking like a thrash metal band -being unaware of the rules and just winging it-.

But maybe perfection is not the real purpose of this particular cookbook. Maybe the real purpose of this book is to rediscover the concept of cooking, see the culinary world through the eyes of a band. So, it’s probably not a matter of culinary impeccability but of recapturing the magic of simply cooking like no one watching, cooking to eat and cooking for the joy of cooking. In this case they aced it.

Highlighting Crisix’s desire to share their experiences with the world, and their love for anything pizza related, this book is packed with carb variety and flavour, is teaching the reader a lot about global food on the road, and it’s a book simply keen to share and inspire.

It’s an eBook that will probably not find its way down from your virtual shelf more than once, but will better suit a leisurely Sunday afternoon, in which you can spare three or so hours to immerse yourself in the life of a band and it’s a sure-fire uplifting, feel-good read when you’re craving funny, charming musically delicious stories.

"a sure-fire uplifting, feel-good read"

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