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Xhamain release a new Lyric Video for “Eterna Soedade”

 “Eterna Soedade” is the second song from “Na alma” that Xhamain has chosen for a new impressive video, following the acclaimed release of “Soño de Inverno” a few months ago.
For this work, the band has hired the American video artist Joe Karamanski, from Chicago, who has masterfully mixed some images of the vocalist Mariah Fosado with outstanding visual effects and the Galician lyrics of the song, creating an original and eye-catching result.
Through the dark and thrilling scenes of a captive person locked in an old chamber, the song shows the duel between defiant growls and powerful clean vocals that sing about loneliness and the unstoppable march of time.

Na alma” has been recorded and mixed at Kastell von Pahlomen Studios (Galicia) by Rubén Alonso and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden).

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