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Helheim – ‘WoduridaR’

Dark Essence Records
Enslaved, Kampfar, Hades Almighty, Frostmoon, Ereb Altor
Release Date
October 28, 2021
Dark Essence Records
Viking/Black Metal

                Norse mythology and Viking culture has been done to death, you don’t have to look far to find a weirdy beardy who likes ‘re-enactment’ and drinking mead from a horn like it’s 797 AD. But, unlike these pretenders to the throne, Helheim have been raiding and pillaging for nigh on 30 years now with a steady string of albums which have never slowed down their pace. This year has the Norwegian veterans returning with their latest studio album ‘WoduridaR’.

                Now, Helheim annoyed a lot of their fanbase with their previous album ‘Rignir’ as it ushered in a brave new world, utilising clean vocals and atmospheric passages, it caused many of their black metal fan base to run for the snowy hills and cry icicles of tears into their mead horns. But what Helheim deliver here is a melding of sounds and ‘WoduridaR’ sits nicely between the sound of ‘Rignir’ and ‘LandawarijaR’. This means that ‘WoduridaR’ combines the best parts of ‘Rignir’, those atmospheric passages and those deep vocals that actually wouldn’t be out of place on a dark wave album and combine it with the unwavering assault of black metal that Helheim are known for, although the cover of ‘Hazard’ by Richard Marx can fuck off.

                This does mean that ‘WoduridaR’ could run the gauntlet of balancing both worlds and appealing to none, but that would be foolish, what Helheim have delivered is a beautifully mature album of black metal that shows the band have their finger well and truly on the pulse with an album of superb quality.

"What Helheim have delivered is a beautifully mature album of black metal"

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