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Czech avantgarde doom/black metal band ET MORIEMUR announce new Japanese-themed album

Czech avantgarde doom metal band Et Moriemur are trying to do things differently on each album and this time it’s no different. Earlier it was symphonic/orchestral doom metal influenced by the Greek culture, and this time around it’s completely Japanese-themed with a host of guest musicians playing various instruments including some folk ones. They’ve blended such influences beautifully into their sound and none of it seems forced. It’s just seamlessly integrated and the album flows uninterruptedly too. While it’s recommended that you listen to it from start to finish, you can get a taste of their music by checking out their music on Bandcamp and YouTube

Line up –
Et Moriemur line up:
Zdeněk Nevělík – Vocals, piano
Aleš Vilingr – Guitars
Honza Tlačil – Guitars
Karel “Kabrio” Kovářík – Bass
Michal “Datel” Rak – Drums

Guest musicians:
Tomáš Mařík – Drums on Otsuki
Honza Kapák – Acoustic guitar
Zuzana Králová – Violin and choirs
Andrea Michálková – Cello
Marek Matvija – Shakuhachi
Zdeněk Janeček – Viola
Markéta Budková – Harp

Artwork by Samantha Dibattista

Et Moriemur Bandcamp

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