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Rivers of Nihil – ‘The Work’

Metal Blade Records
Black Crown Initiate, Beyond Creation, Revocation, Vale of Pnath, The Zenith Passage
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Metal Blade Records
Progressive/Technical Death Metal

It often seems that there are quite a lot of progressive/technical death metal bands clamouring over each other to get their music heard by claiming to be more technical or more progressive than their peers. One band who have been fighting their cause for over a decade now are Rivers of Nihil (RoN) who have released their fourth studio album ‘The Work’.

                In all honesty, ‘The Work’ is quite an apt name for this album as RoN deliver something that isn’t exactly easy to listen to.  ‘The Work’ is an album which takes a great deal of time and indeed effort to fully appreciate, something that is not often offered to bands in the fast-paced multimedia world. But given the time to grow, listeners will find a plethora of progressive/technical death metal grooves, rhythms and melodies as polyrhythms bounce off brutal sonic attacks and vocals which squeeze every bit of emotion into the music. This does mean that tracks such as ‘Dreaming Black Clockwork’, ‘The Void from Which No Sound Escapes’ and ‘Episode’ have all the appeal of Black Crown Initiate, Beyond Creation and Vale of Pnath whilst parts, particularly during the monster closing track ranges from Meshuggah to Gojira and Between the Buried and Me.

                ‘The Work’ is not an album for everyone and even fans of progressive/technical death metal will find it a little too daunting at times. But, for those who like their music to be challenging and rewarding, then ‘The Work’ will find a special place that will get played over and over again.

"a challenging listen that brings its own rewards"

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