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Today, Chilean tech-thrashers Mental Devastation stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I), at Decibel magazine’s website. Set for international release on December 31st via Blood Harvest Records on CD and cassette tape formats – the vinyl LP version will follow next year – hear Mental Devastation‘s The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I) in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Formed in 2009 in Valparaiso, Mental Devastation are one of thrash metal’s most overlooked cults. The band’s first demo, Brain Wash, was released in 2011 and then followed by their debut album, Red Skies, in 2013. Largely relegated to the Latin American market, Red Skies nevertheless impressed with its furious, whirlwinding, yet incredibly melodic attack – chops galore here, but always in service of the song. A two-song demo was released in 2018, but since then, all’s been quiet on the Mental Devastation front.

Now, at long last, Mental Devastation emerge from the shadows with their LONG-awaited second album, The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I). As no doubt suggested by its title, Mental Devastation’s second full-length is an incredibly complex record both within and without, exploring deep issues pertaining to psychology, society, and the self. Suitably, the band here explode with a cyclonic style of thrash that spreads its view across tech-thrash’s lodestones – early Cynic, mid-period Coroner, later Sadus, and of course Athiest – but buffets it with fretless bass bubbling with both beauty and tension, lending these ten tracks further finesse. But not to be outdone, the rest of Mental Devastation make The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I) a masterwork in dizzying-yet-memorable songcraft, their twisting-and-turning thrust always colored by emotive leads, catchy vocal sequences, and dynamic breaks that surprise in both their direction and tenor. It’s a tech-thrash treasure trove for genre devotees AND anyone who marvels at metal’s inherent ability to push the imagination.

Will there be a Part II someday, hopefully soon? Only Mental Devastation know, but explore their even-vaster labyrinths with The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I) – a new gold standard for progressive-thrash thinking!

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of Decibel, North America’s only monthly metal magazine. Further hear (and see!) for yourself with the previously revealed video “Labryinths” HERE at Blood Harvest‘s official YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Mental Devastation’s The Delusional Mystery of the Self (Part I)
1. Genesis
2. Ascension
3. Conquerors
4. Labyrinths
5. The Abyss
6. Vulcanic Eruption
7. Perpetual Dualities
8. Time Echoe’s
9. Dans L’Absurde
10. Reflections Over The Veils Of Death


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