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HEGEROTH: A Black Metal Way of Life

Hegeroth: “The music of the Silesian band fits in with black metal, which pays tribute to both the most important features of traditional metal and openness to new experiences. The energy, rhythm and clarity of the musical message are enriched by the variety, variability and layering of melodic forms. 

We had a lovely chat with Bene.

Welcome to Metal Digest

Bene: Hi Chelf, thanks so much for the interview invitation. It’s great to be on the metal digest pages.

What is it like to be a professional musician in Poland today?

Bene: Haha, that’s not a question for us, we don’t earn money from music. I guess that’s good, right? We don’t have to do anything…we just want to do it.

Is black metal a way of life or just music for you?

Bene: Extreme metal has been with me as a major genre since my teenage years.

Indeed, black metal and death metal have been my favorite subgenres since the early 90s. After I discovered thrash metal, the adventure continued with Swedish death metal (Unleashed, Edge Of Sanity) and then through Scandinavian black (Satyricon, Emperor) to symphonic/melodic black metal (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of filth, Bal Sagoth) and finally  more raw and energetic black (Urgehal, Armagedda). 

Additionally, by making music in hegeroth, I am even more connected to that music. To be honest, this is sometimes even problematic. Sometimes it’s hard to absorb and enjoy the music because that inner player inside you is constantly trying to analyze how they built, composed or recorded the riff you’re listening to. The great writer Ken Follett once said that a writer never reads for pleasure.

Your music combines traditional metal and openness to new experiences. That’s a rather rare feature since black metal musicians tend to stick to the genre norms. What prompt this beautiful openness?

Bene: On the one hand, as I said before, we had the opportunity and luck to grow up listening to bands like Cradle Of Filth or Bal-Sagoth (those bands were also born and evolved at that time). The multitude of sounds, variety of means of expression and blends from different genres used by them stayed with us. 

On the other hand, nowadays, unfortunately, such a situation repeats itself very often: I listen to the album, the first track is good, the second one is good, the third one sounds similar, the fourth one I can’t listen to because it seems that something is looped.

And finally, there are a lot of bands in Poland now which put emphasis on a more audio drama form, where there is less and less metal in metal.

And we would like to listen to energetic, varied music with good riffs, hence our openness you mentioned.

Your work is also characterized by a masterfully layered sound. How did you achieve that?

Bene: We are amateurs, we are unable to imagine complex musical forms sitting at a desk and writing down notes. With help comes a computer and a DAW programs and our mini studio. In a very easy way, you can record yourself the first guitar, and then in a million ways try to develop the second guitar, bass guitar etc. It is also very easy to arrange vocals on a looped riff. We have such a style of work that we first record the ideas on the computer and then go to the rehearsal room. Unfortunately the situation with rehearsals has not been  clear in our case lately but this is another story…

Are you comfortable playing other types of music besides metal?


Honestly? I totally can’t handle it, I don’t know how to play other music. I can’t even play guitar at a bonfire. I have to admit that on one hand I’m a little bit annoyed by this limitation and on the other hand I feel that this extreme metal that comes out of me is real.

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

Bene: We live the songs we create, in almost every spare moment the subconscious goes back to the currently created tracks, it’s kind of a parallel life. It’s a beautiful parallel life.

What jobs have you done other than being a musician?

Bene: I am a software programmer and software architect, It’s a rather precise and rigorous field, so music is a great diversion for me.

Bila is an event manager in the cultural sector. He mainly organises premieres and movie shows, but also other events depending on the client.

What’s the next goal for Hegeroth?

Bene: The pattern repeats itself for the next time: the new album isn’t out yet and we’re already living with creating new songs. Creating new songs is like air for us.

Until we meet again,


Bene: Chelf thanks a lot for the interview, as I discovered you have a great blog, – what inspiring content, not just musical content.

So in conclusion, listen to Hegeroth, look forward to the new album Sacra Doctrina (outs 24th of January 2022), subscribe to the metal digest, and read \m/

Polish black metal band HEGEROTH presents the second single from their upcoming, fourth album titled “Sacra Doctrina”. The premiere of the album is scheduled for January 24, 2022 and will be released on digital format and CD by the band.

Listen to the new song “Out of Habit” ➡

First song “With Adoration” ➡

Singles are also available at digital streaming platforms (BandcampSpotifyAppleDeezer)

Cover artwork was created by Italian artist Le Nevralgie Costanti.
Music was recorded and produced by the band in their HSoundLab Studio.

For Fans Of: Dark FuneralImmortalNaglfarOld Man’s Child.

Hegeroth online


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