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Fearout – ‘Bleedthrough’

Inverse Records
Corrosion of Conformity, New Found Glory, New Model Army, Wildhearts
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Inverse Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Stoner Rock

Helsinki is a city that spends a considerable amount of time in darkness due to its latitude. This is easily apparent in the vast majority of the music made there; so, it comes as a welcome dash of sunshine to come across a debut album from the dark city that has some light at the end of the long cold winter.

Ok; “Bleedthrough” is by no means a “beach party” album; there’s headbangable riffs from the top end of the “putting you chiropractor’s children through college” neck-damage index, Punk attitude like the 80’s never happened, and dark and dirty guitar sounds from the depths of the Metal scrapbook. What does standout though, are some pretty delicious vocal harmonies (including one of Punk’s rarest breed; a powerful female clean vocal from bass player Minttu Minkkinen), an unforced sense of hearing a band genuinely having some fun, and irrespective of how hard they try to be all edgy and doomy lyrically; an inescapable sense of optimism.

The recording of this album presented the band with many challenges in both recording and production (not helped by the pandemic) that led them to get their hands on the controls themselves and “self-teach” their way through the processes. The full story of the many setbacks and restarts is on the band’s official website; and it’s a “must read” for any young band member who thinks that doing it all themselves is going to be easy. (It isn’t).

Obviously, that added both to the overall complexity of the recording process, and caused many delays handing the album over for final mixing and mastering to Seppo Nummela. Worth the wait, and worth choosing the right man for the job; few Punk/Punk Metal albums sound as good as this without losing the intensity and intention of the music

The ace in the hole though; these are well written and very well played songs full of energy that have an appeal that crosses many genre boundaries and pigeonholes without the conceit of trying to

hard. You could argue that there’s nothing you haven’t heard before, and that mixing and matching genres is just a lack of focus… Bollocks to that.

"Just a slight hint of “sameness” robs this of a point. A great 10 track album let down by being 12 tracks long. Choosing which two to drop though would be a nightmare"

Come on in!

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