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Strings of Distorted Doom – ‘Doom Trials’

Independent Release
Darkness Enshroud, Blut Aus Nord, Bathory
Release Date
July 4, 2021
Independent Release
Black/Doom Metal

For those of you, like myself, who enjoy the dark and foreboding beauty that Black Metal can impart, then the music of Strings of Distorted Doom (SODD) is NOT for you. At all. It is, however, a true representation of what Black Metal was intended to be so many years ago. It is raw, unrefined, and unapologetic. Their combination of Doom, despair, and creating an unshakable feeling of imminent demise is ummm commendable? This album is bleak, dark, and devoid of hardly any beauty whatsoever. Assuming this is the goal here, SODD hit it out of the park.

Unintelligible scorched lyrics drowned in atonal and grinding guitars create a desolate soundscape. Highly atmospheric, ‘Doom Trials’ can be mentally and emotionally taxing at times, but again, I am sure that’s part of the intent.

‘Trials’ can conceivably be heard as a soundtrack to an unknown horror movie or perhaps your own personal hell.  As the album ebbs and drags, there is some semblance of a storyline. That story depends on how far you dare open your imagination. From my perspective, this album is a dismal journey through the unknown, laced with some truly disturbing imagery that I will keep to myself. One exception is a cover of Venom’s “Witching Hour.” It does not mesh with the rest of ‘Trials,’ but somehow, I doubt SODD care. Reportedly, this album was ten years in the making and they have produced exactly what they wanted.

Personally, it isn’t my cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate the dedication to the art form and how effective it can be.  If you have remote leanings toward DSBM, Doom, or the like, give the album a spin.

"scorched lyrics drowned in atonal and grinding guitars create a desolate soundscape"

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