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Journey Into Darkness – ‘Infinite Universe Infinite Death’

Spirit Coffin Publishing
Emperor, Limbonic Art, Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir
Release Date
September 10, 2021
Spirit Coffin Publishing
Symphonic Death/Black Metal

                Most bands can pick up a guitar and thrash away at the lowest string, add in some shrieks and blast beat drumming and you’ve got yourself a garage black metal band. Yet, to refine this sound and add an element of scoring and composition into the work to step into symphonic black metal, that takes some skill. This is the challenge which Brett Clarin took on when he formed Journey Into Darkness (JID) and now, in little over a year, the project is back with ‘Infinite Universe Infinite Death’ JID’s third studio album.

                It is hardly any surprise that with just over a year separating them, ‘Infinite Universe…’ follows on from the previous album like a seamless join as a wall of sound production provides layer upon layer of oppressive black metal sounds. But once again, Clarin shows what he is capable of as finely tuned orchestral melodies burst through the speakers without ever compromising the heaviness that ‘Infinite Universe…’ sets out to accomplish. Tracks such as ‘Cosmic Knot’, ‘Scattered Amongst the Stars’ and ‘The Briefest Moment’ show that JID have almost moved completely into the symphonic black/death metal sound with the band having all the appeal of Emperor and Limbonic Art with even a touch of Carach Angren as JID exchange grim tales for the vast, emptiness of space.

                ‘Infinite Universe…’ is the sound of JID continuing to push their boundaries and delivering an absolutely solid album of symphonic black metal with the band offering something more to hear each time and it will be interesting to see how JID plan their next symphonic assault.

"‘Infinite Universe…’ is the sound of Journey Into Darkness continuing to push their boundaries"

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