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Inferi – ‘Vile Genesis’

The Artisan Era
The Black Dahlia Murder, Alterbeast, Arsis, Symbolik
Release Date
September 10, 2021
The Artisan Era
Technical/Melodic Death Metal

                Quality over quantity is an age old saying with some bands content to release an album and let that fester amongst fans as they consume it, digest it, shit it out and then eat it again (not that weird if you’re a cow). Some bands release constant work, getting their name out there on a regular basis because you know, bands need to eat too. There is no law to this, bands are able to pick and choose their work rate and one band which have really picked up in recent years are Inferi who have been able to deliver both quantity AND quality throughout the last four years and it is no surprise that the band have released their latest studio album ‘Vile Genesis’.

                What Inferi have released with ‘Vile Genesis’ is a massive continuation of their technical/melodic death metal sound. This is the band putting their foot to the floor as they continue to draw from the seemingly ever-lasting well of inspiration. Fans of ‘Revenant’ and ‘The End of an Era: Rebirth’ will absolutely adore the riffs and rhythms displayed here as tracks such as ‘Simian Hive’, ‘Carving Thine Kingdom’ and ‘Mesmeric Horror’ give brutal performances that would have fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis and Alterbeast drooling with excitement as jaw dropping technique flutters between the speakers giving the likes of First Fragment, Vale of Pnath and A Loathing Requiem a real run for their money.

                Yes, there isn’t anything new here and Inferi are reaching inside of themselves to deliver a relatively safe album, but what ‘Vile Genesis’ shows is that even at their most safe, Inferi are able to deliver a solid of melodic/technical death metal that will have a wide-ranging appeal for years to come.

"even at their most safe, Inferi are able to deliver a solid of melodic/technical death metal"

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