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When Plagues Collide – ‘Tutor of the Dying’ (Vinyl Reissue)

Before the Harvest, Downfall of Mankind, Make Them Suffer
Release Date
December 11, 2021
Deathcore/Symphonic Deathcore

                Just the mere mention of the words Deathcore and Metalcore is more than often enough to make ‘true’ metalheads either shield away in absolute horror or to froth at the mouth in an inconsolable rage about what is and what not constitutes as metal… admit it, we all know the types. This year has Belgian symphonic deathcore band When Plagues Collides (WPC) reissuing their 2018 debut album ‘Tutor of the Dying’ on vinyl for the first time.

                There isn’t anything that can be said about ‘Tutor…’ or WPC which hasn’t already been said one hundred times over on the internet already, instead, the focus will be on the reissue of ‘Tutor…’ at hand. This is a vinyl reissue that has been lovingly rereleased by Necktwister who have done their utmost to make sure that, as always at Necktwister, the quality is absolutely stunning. Now, ‘Tutor…’s array of melodic death metal, symphonic black and metalcore can tear your face off on vinyl as well as CD and digital. Not only that, what WPC have also delivered here is the opportunity to collect ‘Tutor…’ in three different coloured vinyl, but it is in limited quantities so get your fingers clickin’.

                This is entirely designed for the vinyl enthusiast who can finally own ‘Tutor…’ on their desired format. If you’re not a fan of deathcore, WPC or vinyl then this will literally do nothing for you and it’s been a bit of a waste of time hasn’t it? However, if you are a fan of these, order away!

"for the vinyl enthusiast who can finally own ‘Tutor…’ on their desired format"

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