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Rioghan – ‘Covers II’ EP

Inverse Records
In This Moment, Billie Eilish, Halestorm, New Year's Day, The Pretty Reckless
Release Date
November 19, 2021
Inverse Records
Gothic/Alternative Metal

There is no denying, Finland is a place which knows how to do heavy metal and it knows how to do heavy metal very, very well. The Nordic country pumps out musicians like Nokia 3210’s in the early 2000’s and now Rioghan is staking her claim in the Finnish soil. After delivering her debut EP earlier this year, Rioghan is back with her latest EP, ‘Covers II’.

                ‘Covers II’ is not cryptically titled, it is as you guessed it, an EP of covers. Is this your usual set of covers though? The answer is no, with this EP, Rioghan has tackled tracks from Sia, Modern Talking and Skold and has delivered these covers with professionality, care and passion. Rioghan has an exceptional voice, she is talented, and her voice allows her to take on virtually any sound within this remit as Rioghan brings pop songs into a Gothic and alternative metal sound that would bring in fans of In This Moment, Halestorm and New Year’s Day whilst turning ‘Dirty Horizon’ by Skold into a sombre acoustic piece.

                In just under 12 minutes, Rioghan delivers a pop-tinged alternative metal set of covers. It is different, it is bold and there is a growing generation of rock, metal and alternative fans that will embrace ‘Covers II’ as it sits comfortably in their playlists between In This Moment and Billie Eilish. But, in all honesty, it will not appeal to everyone and may make a lot of metal fans shield away from it like a vampire in sunlight and with a studio album slated for next year, it will be interesting to see how Rioghan tackles 35 minutes plus.

"this EP sets Rioghan up nicely for her first full-length studio album"

Come on in!

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