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Son of Sorrow – ‘No Hope For The Fallen’ EP

Rock-CD Records
Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Moonspell
Release Date
October 31, 2021
Rock-CD Records
Gothic Metal

Gothic metal is a genre which just oozes black, cut it, it’s black, poke it, it’s black, slice it open AAGH! BATS! BLACK BATS! But musically, it is a genre which takes a little bit of skill to stand out from a market which flirts between Gothic metal, symphonic metal and death/doom, yet this has no deterred Son of Sorrow from striding out once more as they follow up their 2018 debut album with their latest EP ‘No Hope for the Fallen’.

                As an EP ‘No Hope…’ sounds like it fell out of late 90’s, this is an EP which is dark, brooding and atmospheric as baritone vocals of Alex Padina clash with the soaring voice of Yolanda Rosado. Now, for ‘No Hope…’ this is a new addition, having only joined the band last year, Rosado has already stamped her foot on the Son of Sorrow sound as these two voices entwine with all the appeal of Charon, Secrecy and Nessun Dorma, which is hardly surprising considering most of the band is made of ex-members of it. Yet, ‘No Hope…’ never strays too far from the original mould and has all the ability to drag in fans of Lacuna Coil whilst also touching base with late 90’s Paradise Lost and Moonspell.

                ‘No Hope…’ is a great EP by a Gothic metal band who are going somewhere, it is well crafted and produced and it sets the bar high for their next studio album.

"this sets the bar high for their next studio album"

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