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Schattenmann – ‘Chaos’

AFM Records
Rammstein, Heldmaschine, Stoneman
Release Date
November 5, 2021
AFM Records
Industrial/Dark Rock

Relative newcomers, Germany’s Schattenmann is Industrial Metal excellence. They fall into the “Neue Deutsche Härte” (new German hardness) category. Singing (mostly) in German over an impenetrable driving wall of sound, there will, of course, be Rammstein comparisons. While this may hold some water, Schattenmann has its own sound and is worthy of your attention.

 At its core, the band retains the best elements of Industrial Metal, but then adds dashes of Daft Punk, KMFDM, and a healthy dose of bare-bones Metal. Their sound isn’t groundbreakingly unique, but it has enough grit and grime to satisfy the most discerning ear.

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Each track on ‘Chaos’ is aggressive and driving, with its heart firmly embedded in the Industrial vein. Not content with merely delivering an excellent album, Schattermann interjects just enough twists, turns, and wrinkles to keep things interesting.

Between “Alles auf Anfang,” with its anthemic chorus and the (almost) rave-like moments of “Choleriker,” Schattenmann shows they are not afraid to take a few chances. During the infectious “IYYF,” I literally laughed out loud. Not the usual commentary regarding Industrial Metal, but there it is. This song, like many on ‘Chaos,’ strikes a precarious and refreshing balance of brutality and (gasp) fun. And don’t we all deserve a little fun these days?

All in all, ‘Chaos’ is good. Very good. But quite honestly, this genre has seen its peak. Still, if you are clamoring for more, dann sollte ‘Chaos’ ganz gut ausreichen.

"All in all, ‘Chaos’ is good"

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