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Me(n)tal Health Focus with Heavy Metal Therapy | Holiday Survival

This month is dedicated to mental health and music and we collaborated with Heavy Metal Therapy to share with you our stories, your stories, a list of resources, and playlists that you will hopefully find helpful.

Today we’re going to focus on Holiday Survival.

Heavy Metal therapy asked you over on social media to share with us your tips for surviving the holiday period, as part of their Dismember December stuff this month. We put your contributions into themes and summarised them in a post which we are also going to share here and spread the word.

image by Heavy Metal therapy.

There are some more comprehensive guides available, here’s a couple you might be interested in:

Primordial Radio

Know your why recovery

Would you like to share your story? Drop us a line! Please feel free to fill in the contact form below or send us an email at

Come on in!

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