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The Murder Of My Sweet – ‘A Gentleman’s Legacy’

Frontiers Records
Mind’s Eye, Queensrÿche, Nemesea, Within Temptation, Tarja
Release Date
December 10, 2021
Frontiers Records
Melodic Metal/Symphonic Metal

Fans of Mind’s Eye will be thrilled – after 14 long years Daniel Flores returns with The Murder Of My Sweet to continue the story of ‘A Gentleman’s Legacy’.

‘A Gentleman’s Legacy’ follows Pandora, the daughter of Adam Evangelista, as she navigates adult life with challenges similar to those of her fathers. Vocalist Angelica Rylin brings to life this character with flawless vocals over a complimentary melodic background with strong prog influences.

A haunting introduction with ‘Six Feet Under’ swiftly moves into a captivating journey throughout the album, culminating with the aptly named ‘Finding Closure’, offering a somewhat emotional ending.

For listeners who aren’t aware of ‘A Gentleman’s Legacy’, it may help add a little context to the story to give the parent album a spin. However, newcomers needn’t despair, this album can very well be enjoyed as a standalone. Tracks such as ‘Father’s Eyes’, and the empowering ‘Rise Above’ work brilliantly as such, adding depth to the narrative as well as providing enough within themselves to become an instant earworm.

"a captivating journey throughout the album"

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