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Mega Colossus – ‘Riptime’

Independent Release
Traveler, Gatekeeper, Seven Sisters, Toledo Steel, The Lord Weird Slough Feg
Release Date
December 17, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy Metal/Trad Metal

What’s that? Colossus is evolving? Colossus evolved into Mega Colossus! Ok, that was quite a niche joke there, Colossus may have changed their name in 2016 to Mega Colossus but that hasn’t stopped the band from delivering top-drawer trad metal and this year has Mega Colossus returning with their latest offering ‘Riptime’.

                Well, it is safe to say that with ‘Riptime’, Mega Colossus carry on their streak of delivering excellent albums. This is a great slab of trad metal with some foot stomping and neck-wrenchin’ riffs that delivers the driving sound of the 80’s combined with the sleek, ergonomic contemporary finish of today. Tracks such as ‘Razor City’, ‘Tinker Tanner’ and the excellent ‘Iron Rain’ add an element of sword and sorcery that makes the listener want to pull out their broadsword and yell: “roll initiative”. This does mean that ‘Riptide’ has all the appeal of Iron Maiden and Seven Sisters, but also it has that big trad metal sound from North America nodding to the likes of Heart of Cygnus and The Lord Weird Slough Feg as well as Traveler and Gatekeeper.

                For trad metal fans, this is another excellent offering from Mega Colossus. It is metal through to its very core and you can’t literally ask for anything else.

"metal through to its very core"

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