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HELLOWEEN Releases Brand New “Out For The Glory” Animated Video!

HELLOWEEN have always dared to do their own thing and this is what I’ve loved about them. In my opinion this is exactly what metal stands for.” — Aaron McLoughlin, RMIT University Melbourne
Released this past June, HELLOWEEN’s eponymous full-length is the metal album of 2021 – a milestone fans were waiting decades for. Critics and companions are united in their opinion that it’s a masterpiece album that will write metal history. The seven-piece metal alliance scored ten Top 10 chart entries worldwide including #1 in Germany and Spain, Top 3 in Austria and Switzerland, and an impressive total of seventeen Top 15 rankings globally. Fans, journalists, and experts agreed: with twelve tracks Helloween manifested an entire metal universe.
With the band’s latest video for “Out For The Glory,” the next exciting coup is coming as the successful year is ending. “I had an idea for a video where all band members are depicted as dinky, odd noble courtiers and ministers,” guitarist Michael Weikath explains. “All of us should be floating in the clouds, [vocalist Andi] Deris as a nutty emperor… and after a while, more and more details came up and at one point in time we wrote everything down and sent the video concept to the Australian animation team.”
Aaron McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, who has already been involved in several projects with Atomic Fire Records CEO Florian Milz (ie for Children Of Bodom, Alestorm, Tankard) comments, “When I heard that HELLOWEEN was interested in a collaboration, I was totally gob smacked. The boys are my absolute heroes since I was a teenager, and I was sure that my students would love to work on a song by this band.”
And as is typical for HELLOWEEN, the creativity was so outrageous that it was impossible to feature everything in one music video. “Seven and a half minutes might not sound like a lot but in animation terms it is a marathon. We had so much great stuff, that the production of ‘Out For The Glory’ was a real challenge,” McLoughlin recollects. “Weiki wanted the video to look as cute as possible and we immediately knew: a legendary band from the other side of the planet wants us to create a medieval epic full of cuteness? You bet!”
With a bit over 10,000 frames, the animated short movie is not only extremely elaborate, but also wicked and spacy. As Michael Weikath wishes with a twinkle in his eye, “I now expect that everyone will enjoy this and think it is funny and also that they see the significance!”
“Out For The Glory” is celebrating its world premiere today and was implemented by the students of Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media), RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

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HELLOWEEN:Michael Kiske – vocalsAndi Deris – vocalsKai Hansen – guitar, vocalsMichael Weikath – guitarSascha Gerstner – guitarMarkus Grosskopf – bassDaniel Löble – drums

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