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VA – ‘AFM: 25 Years Metal Addiction – The Rare & The Unreleased’

AFM Records
U.D.O., Lordi, Iron Mask
Release Date
October 29, 2021
AFM Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

If you are a reader of Metal Digest, chances are you have enjoyed a thing or two from AFM records.  Based in Germany, they focus primarily on the Metal world and its many offshoots. AFM has released a hand-picked cross-section celebration of artists that it has promoted over the last quarter-century.

Herein lies an amazing smattering of the knowns and the relative unknowns. These are largely unreleased tracks, (but that hardly means unworthy) from the label’s various artists. 

This collection encapsulates it all. From the fires of Mount Doom to The Whiskey A-Go-Go…from majestic and epic swells to Pop Metal to the incredibly cheesy. All the ground is covered, and all genres are represented…well, a good bit anyway. As far as which songs fit which descriptions, you will have to investigate that yourself.

The most mainstream artists are probably Orden Ogan, Lordi, and U.D.O. AFM is quite aware that underground artists are Metal’s lifeblood. As such, they have included several tracks from the lesser-knowns. Personally, I discovered multiple gems that I would not have otherwise. I am confident your experience will be the same. Some personal favorites are Solution .45, Brainstorm and Arion. Let me know your faves.

Sure, you could find similar playlists on Spotify or the like, but perhaps not solely attributed to one label and definitely not as varied. Do your research, and get back to me. If you are steadfast in your love for one genre, then, kindly move along. But if you don’t mind enjoying (and discovering) new frontiers, then ’25 Years’ is a wonderful way to go.

Many wondrous adventures and rabbit holes await. Enjoy.

"Many wondrous adventures await"

Come on in!

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