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Teitan – ‘Vákuum’ EP

Zwaertgevegt/Void Wanderer Productions
Arkheth, Dødheimsgard, If Nothing Is
Release Date
September 15, 2021
Zwaertgevegt/Void Wanderer Productions
Black Metal

                Looking at the big picture, it takes some real talent and skill to stand out amongst your peers when recording an album as bands strive to find their unique selling point in a sea of genericism. One such band travelling forward in this market are Teitan, the Dutch black metal project of Devi Hisgen of Marquis who has released his latest EP ‘Vákuum’.

                If you’re expecting an EP of balls to the wall black metal in the style of the second wave, then you’ll be in for a shock as Teitan bring in a large amount of experimentalism into their work on ‘Vákuum’ and this gives the EP a certain je ne sais quoi. Tracks such as ‘I Become the Lunar Sky’ and ‘Metempsychosis’ go from explosive arctic thunder to sublime atmospheric spoke interludes which give ‘Vákuum’ a real intense boom of cinematography crammed into 21 minutes.

                Teitan have delivered a really good EP, sure it won’t appeal to those outside of the black metal fanbase and even then, it may not be “trve kvnt” enough with its spoken word breaks, but for those who like their black metal to push certain musical boundaries, then ‘Vákuum’ is definitely worth a listen.

"Teitan continue to push the boundaries of black metal"

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