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Meet The Maker. Who are they really?

These Slamming Deathcore Thugs from Athens can be described with this phrase : Straight forward.
Raw Breakdowns, Diverse vocals, Technicality in every instrument are some of the musical characteristics that await you when you listen to a track made by them.

The band was formed by a bunch of friends(Konstantinos, Alex, Nikos and later on Christos) 3 years ago. Since then, the band has released 3 singles and one album. Its current status is on creating more music for their upcoming EP and preparing for the Wacken Greek Finals.

Of course you can’t be a respectable Slamming Deathcore band without a good communication plan. Meet The Maker has based since the creation of the group their communication with the audience combining humor and brutality at the same time.
We would prefer to go out all in with animal costumes and angry expressions rather than go with the angry ‘’metalish’’ expression style.


The band was started in August, 2018 by Alex and Konstantinos. Nick joined almost initially and later on Chris.
Meet The Maker has released 3 singles(2 video clips and 1 streaming song) and 1 album while has played in many local events in Athens/Greece and Thessaloniki. They act till now as DIY artists.


(Sorted by from earliest to latest)

Debut Single Illusions :
This was our first single back when we started. The idea was conceived in the studio while we were jamming all together and maybe came through as one of our favorite songs. Simple, brutal, slap to the face.

Yet it wasn’t as techy as we wanted it…

So  next up,

Disfigurement(released 27/5/2019):

As our second single we wanted something more technical and rich from Illusions while keeping the heaviness alive and adding some more. The song more or less was inspired by ‘’the human centipede’’…but to the extreme. Screams, meat and gore everywhere, you know the usual scary stuff dudes with cats write about because they watch a lot of thrillers

We wanted to do something more so we made a playthrough video clip of the song.

BUT it wasn’t as brutal as we wanted to be.

So then we wrote…

 Abolisher(16/1/2020) :

We wanted it slammier, meaty, brutal-er. Lyrics? the usual death and despair while instrumental tone in the mix got angrier than before.

Now after all these singles we decided that we tweaked and played enough with  our sound and our curiosity for creativity so we decided to press on with our first album ‘’Suffocate’’

As we have to deal with covid and many internal issues cause all members had to deal with real life issues we had to be a little late with the release of our album but we did the best in our ability to work hard on it and deliver the best of our current quality as a band.

Suffocate Album (10/12/21):
The album has everything we wanted our first album to have. If the album had a voice and could talk to the listener with a single quote it would be ‘’Hello and F*** you’’.

Every song is a heavy chokeslam. We believe and love peace for everyone and everything but our music, NO, we wanted to be a piggie wrestling ground when you listened to any of the songs!
We also created an ad script for our awesome future Record Label

‘’Insert Record Label Name here’’ presents the most influential Deathcore Slam band in the world , Meet The Maker featuring the very best from Slamming Deathcore music
*Suffocate plays in the background’’ With great inspirational songs like suffocate (*switches 90s style to Prophet of a dying breed*), Prophet of a dying breed.

The album is filled with instant classics *Rolls the classics*

Connect with the band:

Come on in!

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