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Aporium – ‘Force’ EP

Independent Release
Carcass, Kataklysm, Rivers of Nihil
Release Date
September 30, 2021
Independent Release
Death Metal

                “I’m a one-man death machine and I’m gonna make this city bleed”, okay that may be paraphrasing a line from ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ by Queensrÿche and is pretty much as far away as you can get from the sort of death metal which Aporium produce. But, comprising of just Nate Alicie who plays everything, a one-man death machine is pretty fucking accurate as Aporium release ‘Force’, their latest EP.

                To take on a solo project in the truest of senses by playing everything is admirable. To play everything to the quality which Alicie can is truly astounding and when you include song writing into that, Aporium have the full package. With ‘Force’ Aporium show that they are not just a one-man band trick pony of death metal as the band incorporates elements of both thrash and groove metal into a 10-minute jack-in-a-box of rage where tracks such as ‘I Know Nothing’ have all the appeal of Kataklysm and Rivers of Nihil with touches of Carcass.

                Fans of death metal will find ‘Force’ enjoyable; it is a decent small, but loaded EP, of course there isn’t anything here that fans of the genre will not have heard before, but it is enjoyable and worth the ten minutes as you cruise the digital airwaves of metal.

"a decent small, but loaded EP of death metal"

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