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Lvcifyre – ‘The Broken Seal’

NoEvDia/Dark Descent
Pseudogod, Hate, Epoch, Phobocosm, Adversarial, Engorge
Release Date
September 10, 2021
NoEvDia/Dark Descent
Black/Death Metal

Head into the backstreets of London, then into those backstreets, down a dark set of steps, further down, following the chanting and you’ll find the hooded cabal of Lvcifyre. Two seals have already been broken and released great power and now, Lvcifyre have cracked the third one releasing their latest studio album ‘The Broken Seal’.

                What Lvcifyre have unleashed with this latest offering is an album of demonic black and death metal which echoes its way through the sewers of an abandoned church. By now, Lvcifyre have developed themselves a formula; sure, that formula isn’t to the taste of everyone, but it was never intended for that. This formula once again sticks to a rather a-typical death metal that would have fans of Morbid Angel, Hate and Dead Congregation looking over, but mixed into that pot are is the theatrical delivery of black metal which means ‘The Broken Seal’ massively appeals to fans of Pseudogod, Epoch and Engorge with its intense and brutal delivery that clocks in at under 45 minutes.

                ‘The Broken Seal’ is an album that will not have a wide-ranging demographic, but who the fuck cares about that? Fans of this genre will love it as Lvcifyre deliver yet another strong album of occultism. If this is your bag, you’ll absolutely love it, if not and you think it can’t go on? Go and inform the law or something, I’m sure they have a supernatural division.

"another strong album of occultism"

Come on in!

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