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If Nothing Is – ‘If Nothing Is’

Dark Essence Records
Urizen, Dødheimsgard, Ne Obliviscaris, Atheist, Cynic
Release Date
September 10, 2021
Dark Essence Records
Avant-Garde Metal

Avant-garde. Just the mere mention of the word conjures up images of beat poets and unicycle using hipsters eating avocado on toast and drinking traditionally made home brew as they ride through Camden. Add in a dose of metal the listener knows that they’re getting a heady mix of genres that bend the very rules of what it means to play metal. One such band are If Nothing Is (INI) as the Norwegian band get their self-titled 2015 debut album released in physical format for the first time.

                With ‘If Nothing Is’ being physically released, this album has undergone a true make-over, from a whole remaster and remix to brand new artwork, this is INI going the whole hog to make every single one of those wonderful passages heard crystal clear for music enthusiasts to fully take in and digest. With an album which takes in elements of black, death, speed, thrash, progressive and extreme metal, ‘If Nothing Is’ is a difficult album to pin down to just one sound, there are touches of early Atheist here as well as Cynic, but it will also massively appeal to fans of Urizen, Dødheimsgard and Ne Obliviscaris as the band push beyond the mould, remoulding and shaping as they go into something unique, shaped in their own image.

                ‘If Nothing Is’ is not an album which can be heard once, nor can be it be listened to unconsciously. It requires the listeners full undivided attention with multiple listens needed to gain the full appreciation of every part, but thankfully, thanks to this new remix and remaster, that is made much, much easier. This is an album which isn’t for everyone, it can be a feat of endurance to take it in, but it is a very rewarding experience from an album which doesn’t do the expected.

"a good album of avant-garde which always does the unexpected"

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