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Sorcerer – ‘Reverence’ EP

Independent Release
Black Sabbath, Saxon, Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne
Release Date
December 10, 2021
Independent Release
Epic Doom Metal

Covers… covers are covers, nearly every band does them; they’re great for bonus tracks or a throwaway bit of fun to pay homage to your heroes. Some bands do them very, very well, some bands utterly butcher them and should never be allowed within ten feet of another instrument or recording studio ever again. The latest band to put their cock on the block to worship at the altar of the past are Sorcerer with their newest release ‘Reverence’.

                ‘Reverence’ is the key word here and as we know with Sorcerer, they don’t do anything by halves with every single one of their epic doom records standing like a monolith to Swedish doom. Therefore, unlike some cheap throwaway covers, Sorcerer have taken tracks from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Saxon and Ozzy Osbourne and sprinkled that powerful Sorcerer magic on it to create four covers of jaw-dropping quality. The musicianship is second to none and vocalist Anders Engberg shows off a real set of fucking pipes as he tackles masterful vocalists such as Ronnie James Dio, Tony Martin and Biff Byford.

                Sure, this is an EP of covers, the listener knows exactly what they’re getting and ‘Reverence’ never pretends to be something it isn’t, but if you want some heavy metal covers done correctly, faithfully and with indeed, reverence, then look no further than this.

"an EP of covers delivered with true reverence"

Come on in!

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