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Dead Head – ‘Haatland’ (Reissue)

Death Angel, Kreator, Invocator
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Thrash Metal

Every week it seems we are besieged by yet another reissue of a remaster of a 20th-anniversary edition of blah blah blah…complete with a 180 gram LP, no less. Your money, your decision. But I will unequivocally say if you are a fan of Thrash, then you need, yes need this album! 

I say “need” because it is possible ‘Haatland’ may have slipped past you, alas, as it did me. This reissue comes just before the Dutch thrashers are due to release their first album in several years. It’s called marketing, folks. And it’s working. I, for one, cannot wait for their new material, because This. Album. Kicks. Ass!

For those who hold ‘Bonded By Blood’ or ‘Reign In Blood’ or ‘The Ultraviolence’ in high regard, this album may just shake a few foundations. Yes, it is just that good. Originally released in 2005, it could easily be grouped with the Thrash classics of the late 80s/early 90s. Gloriously gut-wrenching and genuine, sporting impossible tempos and technicality, ‘Haatland’ epitomizes all things Thrash.  Threatening to come off the rails at any time, it is a blazing trainwreck that stays perfectly in tune.  With repeated listening (4 times today,) I can tell Dead Head made this album for themselves and if you get it, you get it.

It doesn’t necessarily break new ground. In fact, not much at all. But the layers, the musical prowess, the aggression, and the palpable sense of the band telling the world, “DILLIGAF?” All these things, in my mind, add up to undeniable excellence.

An absolute essential in your Thrash Metal collection.

"An absolute essential in your Thrash Metal collection"

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