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White Stones – ‘Dancing into Oblivion’

Nuclear Blast
Opeth, Edge of Sanity, In Mourning, Steorrah, Persefone
Release Date
August 27, 2021
Nuclear Blast
Progressive Death Metal

                Think of progressive death metal and the mind automatically runs to Opeth, they are the undisputed masters of the genre… well… were before they started dabbling in just plain ol’ progressive rock. Long serving bassist Martín Méndez has taken a step into the past with his side project White Stones who have delivered their sophomore album ‘Dancing into Oblivion’.

                With ‘Dancing into Oblivion’, White Stones continue to plough on with the progressive death metal sound that they had lain down with their debut album ‘Kuarahy’. Naturally, this means that ‘Dancing into Oblivion’ will hugely appeal to any old-school Opeth fan. If you see the sort of person, and we all know them, the “Opeth have been shit for 20 years” person, then what White Stones have delivered here is something which is the heir to the Opeth throne. However, even though this is Méndez, it is far from just pure old-Opeth worship, there is more than enough here to appeal to fans of Edge of Sanity, Persefone and In Mourning with a virtuoso metal performance that is nothing short of excellent.

                As an album, ‘Dancing into Oblivion’ sounds exactly as the listener would expect it to, there are no surprises, but what the listener does get is some sublime musicianship that gives more and more with each listen.

"sublime musicianship which grows and grows"

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