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Me(n)tal Health Focus: The Metal Digest Community Shares

This month is a very special one for Metal Digest and we are *so* stoked to bring you along this journey.

We are hosting a Mental Health Focus campaign with Heavy Metal Therapy.

Our goal and aspiration is to post our stories, educate, share resources, encourage our readers to talk about mental health, and most importantly create a community bound with the sounds of heavy metal, so that we are all, less alone.

You shared your stories and we keep the conversation going.

Here is Adam Sharples’ story.

Cliche opener alert – Metal has been a part of my world circa 2002. Mental health has been also a prevalent thing in my life since that ti.e too. For me and like many others they go hand on hand. Which came first? Chicken and the Egg debate on a different plane.

Since my earliest flutters into the world of Metal and its subcultural wonders, I have been engrossed in what has become a popular term as of late – its Lore. Metal and Mental health for me as like many others are like Laurel and Hardy. Unseparable. Why so?

Metal’s lyrical themes, audial transgressive soundscapes and its Metal Up Your Ass iconography addresses the cold, dead, bleak reality of Mental Health issues within us. I would confidently state that Metal and Mental Health make a lovingly bedfellow with one another. The mashing of the core aethestics of metal and the unforgiving nature of mental health topics and experiences felt by those afflicted are entwined. A Ghostbusters-esque crossing of the streams. Sometimes with a Staypuft Marshallow man in sight.

I cant imagine being without either.


We will keep the conversation going and we will be sharing interviews, playlists, articles and resources so stay tuned for more!

Would you like to share your story? Drop us a line! Please feel free to fill in the contact form below or send us an email at

Come on in!

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