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Indigo Raven – ‘Looking for Transcendence’

Argonauta Records
Black Sabbath, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dream Disciples, Witch Mountain
Release Date
October 22, 2021
Argonauta Records
Doom Metal, Sludge, Dark Gothic

There’s nothing better on a dark, rain sodden evening than the bleak sound of a good Doom album. Toulouse trio Indigo Raven haven’t made a good soundtrack for this type of listening; they’ve made a great one. “Looking for Transcendence” has been on a loop here most of the day, and each listen through it just sounds better and better.

Formed just two years ago as a duo, Indigo Raven bring us their debut full length “Looking for Transcendence”, and my word what a debut it is. After releasing the excellent eponymous EP last year, they have recruited a bass player in Jean Green of MOURIR, and hid themselves away in the aptly named “Doom with a View” studios to make this very special album.

Julie Docteur’s mournful and cultured vocals, (I’m going to the top of my “Praise Scale”), has the qualities and emotional depth of Siouxsie Sioux at her early 80’s best. I can think of no higher praise, and it’s well merited, I can’t think of another clean vocal female voice in Metal that carries such intonation and power, and is a major factor in balancing the bruising darkness of the Sludge-y Doom they have crafted.

On occasion they let their hair loose and kick in with double-time brutal interludes and middle eight’s; for the main this is straight up Doom with a sprinkling of keyboard to further act as counterpoint to the fabulously fat and heavy guitars. No track stands out as a particular favourite; it’s all excellent.

"One of the best Doom Metal albums of the last few years. Stunning"

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