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Under the Church – ‘Total Burial’ EP

Pulverised Records
Entombed, Lik, Nirvana 2002, Dismember, Maim, Bastard Priest
Release Date
December 3, 2021
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

                Old school Swedish death metal is the sort of sound where you rig up a chainsaw and drive it through a motel door as you yell: “here’s Sweden!”, it is a very unique sound that death metal fans know instantly. Formed from the ashes of Nirvana 2002, Under the Church (UtC) have conducted necromancy on a sound from 30 years ago and now they’ve released their latest EP ‘Total Burial’.

                With no track topping over four minutes, ‘Total Burial’ gets in and out with all the speed of a teenage fumble at a house party. Yet, instead of sitting in soggy shame, with ‘Total Burial’ UtC stand proud and triumphant as in just over 15 minutes, UtC show everything that they are capable of. Tracks such as ‘Spit on Your Grave’ and ‘Depraved Vocation’ chug with all the roaring thunder of Dismember, Maim, Lik and of course early Entombed. In fact, any fan of that chainsaw sound of ‘Left Hand Path’ will find UtC practically irresistible.

                Naturally, with ‘Total Burial’, UtC don’t achieve anything that hasn’t been done 30 years prior, but when the death metal is actually this good, who cares? ‘Total Burial’ is a prime example of a band doing what they do best, showcasing their sound and it sets them perfectly up for a new studio album.

"Under the Church are doing what they do best"

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