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Dead War – ‘Grandfather of War’ EP

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Morbid Angel, Death, Gruesome, Possessed
Release Date
December 3, 2021
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Blackened Death/Thrash Metal

                These days, for a smaller band it can be much more beneficial for them to release a string of EP’s rather than a fully-fledged studio album, particularly with the costs of a professional finished product and recouping that initial loss. Dead War last appeared on the scene in 2016 with their ‘The Triumph of Death’ EP and have once more trudged down from the mountains of California with their latest EP ‘Grandfather of War’.

                Delivering the sound which they do, the listener would be forgiven for thinking that Dead War are from the other side of the country with a thrashing death sound which bubbled from the Floridian everglades in the late 80’s. The listener knows exactly which side of the bread that Dead War have buttered when the frontman called himself Chuck Death and Dead War wear these influences on their sleeve for everybody to see. ‘Grandfather of War’ is an EP where you could convince the listener that they were listening to a forgotten gem from 1989 as ‘Point Blank Penance’ and ‘One Bullet Can Change the World’ furiously thump with all the power of Morbid Angel, Possessed and Master as well as early Death and Sadus whilst also taking nods towards Cancer and Gruesome.

                However, there are some odd choices in here, ‘Funebris Terrarum’ is a minute and a half of painful string torture and whilst Chuck Death may be a classically trained violinist, the dissonance created here can have the listener reaching for that skip button faster than Usain Bolt after a bag of speed. That aside, ‘Grandfather of War’ is an enjoyable release which shows a band growing in confidence in an attempt to stand out from their peers.

"an enjoyable release which shows a band growing in confidence"

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