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Lordi – ‘Lordiversity – Superflytrap’

AFM Records
Battle Beast, Beast In Black, ABBA, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bee Gees
Release Date
November 26, 2021
AFM Records
Hard Rock/Disco

For a band which uses costumes and masks, a gimmick can soon wear thin and there has to be some real sustenance behind it to have some staying power. Yet, one band which has managed that is Lordi as the Finnish rockers release their latest album ‘Lordiversity – Superflytrap’ as part of their ongoing ‘Lordiversity’ box set.

                Is this the ABBA? Chaka Khan? Earth, Wind & Fire? Electric Light Orchestra? No, this is everyone’s favourite monster rockers Lordi. That’s right, with ‘…Superflytrap’ Lordi have gone disco, murders out, disco is in and Lordi are luring them in with the disco din. Does this sound insane? Yes? That’s because it is, but fuck me, Lordi do this well, musically this has all the appeal of Kissco particularly during ‘Zombimbo’ with its ‘I Was Made for Loving You’ beat. But the real plaudits here go to the backing vocals, it is these which really drive this album along and give it a real 70’s disco feel; Mr. Lordi does a great job like he always does, but it wouldn’t exactly work well without that powerful female vocals behind it. This can be seen during ‘Macho Freak’, ‘Cast Out from Heaven’ and ‘Believe Me’ where the voices stand head and shoulders above everything else.

                As an album ‘…Superflytrap’ is very catchy, in fact, it’s annoyingly catchy. There isn’t much here that has real staying power, and it is quite a throwaway album. Sure, it’s fun, it’s silly and it will make you dad dance your way across the room, if you’re looking for something serious, then it’s not here, but we’ll see what the other albums from this box set deliver.

"murders out, discos in!"

Come on in!

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