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Crom – ‘Into the Glory Land’

Into the Vaults
Gatekeeper, Visigoth, Falconer, Battleroar
Release Date
December 3, 2021
Into the Vaults
Epic Heavy/Power Metal

                Stick the word epic in front of any music genre and it conjures up images of dragons, loincloths, broadswords and scantily dressed ladies. It is a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ campaign which got out of hand, and you know what, we fucking love it. This year has Crom returning for the first time since 2017 with their latest EP ‘Into the Glory Land’.

                With ‘…Glory Land’, the Germans have once again risen to the challenge and thrown down the gauntlet to anyone around them. This is excellent metal has its feet firmly in both the heavy metal and power metal camps as Walter Grosse once again rides forth with his vanguard. These five tracks are everything a metal fan could want, tracks such as ‘Riding Into the Sun’ and the rousing title track are a hell of a lot fun, whilst more sing-a-long songs such as ‘The Hanging Tree’ wouldn’t be out of place in a Viking mead hall c.850 AD as Crom inhibit the spirit of Gatekeeper, Visigoth and Falconer.

                All this gives the listener a perfect taste of what is to come from Crom, it sets the German band up perfectly for what is hopefully a new studio album and it ‘…Glory Land’ is anything to go by then it will be nothing short of excellent.

"This album sets Crom perfectly up for a new studio album"

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