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Craneium – ‘Unknown Heights’

The Sign Records/Plastic Head
Egocentrics, Loose Sutures, Kyuss, Kal-El
Release Date
October 15, 2021
The Sign Records/Plastic Head
Stoner Rock/Metal/Fuzz

Listening through Craneium’s new album “Unknown Heights” with a fellow reviewer pretty much stopped us both in our tracks; barely a word was said until the last track faded out. And what was said had almost nothing to do with tones or production, or even a game of “they sound like,,,”. What we did discuss was the songs themselves, how they flowed into each other beautifully, and just how strong and well written they are.

Of course, there are the heavy riffs you come to expect from a solid Finnish Stoner band, you will not be left wanting for a good headbang with the choruses for example. What you may not be expecting is how the songs (and I’m not singling any individual track out) have a transcendent quality to use stylisms and tropes from well outside their home genre. What they have in abundance is atmosphere.

Craneium formed in 2011 in Turku, Finland, the band have released two previous albums; 2015’s “Explore the Void” and 2018’s “The Narrow Line” which you need to go out and find. Both are strong albums you will thoroughly enjoy. With “Unknown Heights” they have shifted into musical overdrive with a confidence to let the songs shine through on their own merit.

” We’ve been working towards this for the last 2-3 years or so, we finally feel that we have captured the music in a way that we haven’t before. Our song writing is better, the recording is better and we’ve had more time than before to really make this one our best so far! The contrast of clean and dreamy with huge heavy choruses has become somewhat of a CRANEIUM trademark, but we really think these songs has something for all kinds of listeners, we’d dare to say that we are not your everyday stoner rock band.”

Arriving in my intray just too late for consideration for the end of year rundown, this is a very enjoyable collection of beautifully crafted, highly atmospheric songs that deserve a very wide audience.

"simply wonderful"

Come on in!

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