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Kiriakos GP – ‘Future Vision’

Independent Release
Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Guthrie Govan
Release Date
July 20, 2021
Independent Release
Instrumental Rock/Shred

Generally speaking, instrumental guitar albums are made for other guitar players. ‘Future Vision’ offers more than enough for those with callused fingers and who speak fluent Phrygian. Every track soars on high, with tons of dazzling wizardry guaranteed to satisfy the staunchest of six-string disciples. Not surprising, given the fact he has received several accolades over the years, and to be honest, I don’t know how he has flown under my radar for so long. That said, this album will assuredly appeal to guitar enthusiasts, but also to those who simply appreciate great music. 

The central theme in ‘Vision’ is climate change and its reaching effects, and as the album is sans vocals, each track is wide open to interpretation. The first two songs are filled with a dark and urgent energy, interlaced with sprawling lighter passages. Each has its own story, hooks, and many, many layers. I especially enjoyed how the bass and drums are allowed to shine here and throughout the album. There is clearly more than one maestro at work here.

Tracks three and four (“Crusader” and “Lianohortaroudia”) are Folk Metal extravaganzas. Neo-Classical Metal complete with Slavic leanings and a brief nod to Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” is juxtaposed against a sound Celtic Metal thrashing. If these two songs could be combined during a live performance, they alone would be worth the price of admission.

The remaining album is magnificent musical landscapes adorned with gentle charms and menacing dreams. Kiriakos’ music paints a portrait that is both enchanting and terrifying.  As I said, each track is wide open to interpretation. I have mine. You find yours.

My esteemed colleague, Chelf Dortlouke, recently interviewed Kiriakos here in Metal Digest. Be sure and check it out. I suspect (and hope) we will be hearing a lot more from him in the coming years.

"tons of dazzling wizardry"

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