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The Rods – ‘Let Them Eat Metal’ (Reissue)

High Roller Records
Anvil, Riot, Krokus, Wild Dogs, Feinstein, David Rock Feinstein
Release Date
December 3, 2021
High Roller Records
Heavy Metal

                There is often a large focus on ‘big’ bands, I mean, why wouldn’t there be? These bands sell records by the pallet load and therefore, they are going to be the darlings of attention. Sadly, this does mean that a lot of bands are overlooked regardless of how good and/or influential they are. One such band are The Rods who are currently in the process of having their catalogue reissued by High Roller Records and this time it is the turn of their 1984 album ‘Let Them Eat Metal’.

                With ‘Let Them…’ being reissued is hardly anything new, hell, this exact album was remasted and reissued this time last year. However, this was only on CD and through High Roller, this album now gets the full vinyl treatment delivered in a limited edition that comes in three separate colours. This means that those who love their vinyl will thoroughly revel in the chance to get their hands on an overlooked gem in the heavy metal catalogue because we all know that The Rods offers some excellent heavy metal that will appeal to fans of Anvil, Riot and Rainbow.

                When it comes to vinyl reissues, High Roller are amongst some of the best and for heavy metal vinyl junkies this is an excellent chance to get their claws in an overlooked gem from a year of heavy metal classics.

"vinyl junkies can now get their hands on an overlooked gem from a classic year in heavy metal"

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