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L00ping – ‘Zero Point Energy’ EP

Independent Release
Sonic Youth, Skinny Puppy, Jesus and Mary Chain, Cabaret Voltaire
Release Date
November 19, 2021
Independent Release
Noise, Noisegaze, Industrial, Alternative Rock

What do they put in the tap water in London, Ontario? Whatever it is we probably all need some kind of antidote to it, just in case. L00ping’s Zero Point Energy EP is 23minutes of some of the darkest, most abrasive, nastiest Noise Metal made by anyone so far. They make a sound probably quite close to Kurt Cobain’s final thoughts put through every filter they had in the studio.

Opening song “All the Time” deliberately starts like it’s already halfway through, and is a mash of colossal pounding rhythm with screamed and snarled vocals in a world entirely of their own away from the effect heavy guitars and samples. Lead single “Cold Showers” uses as much Industrial treatment without breaking international law; crushing, bleak, dispiriting to the point of “numb”. “Cold Showers” will either leave you feeling deeply distressed, utterly confused, or just outright plain angry for listening to it if you don’t like it.

Not many people will like it. If you do like it, next song “Hating Shit” will test your resolve even further with its utter hopelessness and despairing vocals. Light relief arrives in the shape of “Honestly”; the most normal thing here. It actually comes across as a bit of a shock, jarring almost, with discernible rhythm, understandable song structure, and almost “radio-friendly” sound.

No fear; things descend back into the dark as this breaks apart into madness as it ends, “IDGO” (I don’t go outside) brings any shred of hope crashing down with an unrelenting wall of broken noise, and closing track “Sometimes” ensures the listener leaves the experience feeling completely insignificant. What a stunning debut EP, taking Noisegaze to new heights (depths?) of shattering power, and compelling unpleasantness. Play this to anyone you know who listens to mainstream and they will probably slowly walk backwards to the door, and not call you anytime soon. Played live, this must be an experience unlike anything we’ve seen before, and I for one can’t wait for them to come play in my town.

"Unnerving, unsettling, bleak, and compelling"

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