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Green Claws – ‘Hell Is For Hugo’

Ghost, Misfits, New Model Army, Alice Cooper, Bauhaus, Unto Others
Release Date
November 19, 2021
Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Doom Rock

                We’ve reached a stage in music where bands are not happy to pigeonhole themselves into playing just one style of music. These bands take on different genres and styles, melding them together to create something that is very relatively distinct. One such musician is George Purves with his Green Claws project which has delivered its debut album ‘Hell is for Hugo’.

                What Green Claws have brought forth with ‘Hell…’ is a strange melding of sounds; this is a rock/metal opera of monumental proportions as Purves kicks the time machine and takes the listener back to the 1984 with concept album about Halloween. To achieve this, Green Claws take in a sound that gives the listener the feeling of what Ghost would sound like if it was played New Model Army or if Papa Emeritus removed his mask and underneath, was a very unexpected Justin Sullivan. If this sounds strange, it’s because it is, but it works exceptionally, tracks such as ‘Stolen By a Demon’, ‘Lucifer Hotel’ and ‘The Scavengers’ are incredibly catchy and what makes it worse is that it gives the listener the feeling that they shouldn’t be liking it, but they do as it is full of earworms that can only be removed through dangerous surgery.

                ‘Hell…’ is an annoyingly good album, it’s not just the sort of album that can be listened to, ‘Hell…’ needs a stage show with its enjoyable vaudeville horror. It’s very good, it’s different and Alice Cooper would be very, very proud.

"Alice Cooper would be proud of this vaudeville horror"

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