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Fugatta – ‘The Darkest Planet’

Shamash Records
Iron Maiden, Royal Hunt, Eternal Champion, Stratovarius
Release Date
November 17, 2021
Shamash Records
Symphonic Power Metal

Latin America is not only the place which ravenously consumes heavy metal in all its various guises, these days, it is also a huge hub of creativity and provides so many metal bands that it is difficult to keep up. One such country is Mexico which delivers quality heavy metal over and over again and this year has Fugatta returning with their third studio album ‘The Darkest Planet’.

                Fugatta are a band which have spent their youth devouring every form of classic metal and this is evident as they step from their turntables to their instruments. ‘The Darkest Planet’ is the sound of a band wearing these very influences on their sleeves as they combine it with their own brand of symphonic power metal. Now, this isn’t the European style of symphonic metal delivered through banks of keyboards and corsets coupled with a moody music video featuring a snowy forest, this is symphonic power metal delivered through a different sort of epic; this is conflict, this is battles and it is 2020/21 in music. Tracks such as ‘Lethal Virus’, ‘The Dark Land We Belong’ and the excellent ‘Sons of Syria’ show a band bleeding with the earth, weeping at what we’ve become with all the hallmarks of Iron Maiden, Royal Hunt and Eternal Champion battling it out with Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica.

                There is a lot to take in here with ‘The Darkest Planet’, it isn’t an album which can be taken in with one listen; it is a grower and it requires multiple listens to see every nuance which Fugatta deliver, but it is worth every minute spent because ‘The Darkest Planet’ is a very good release’.

"a real grower that is worth the time invested"

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