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Mario Rossi Band – ‘Heavy’

Independent Release
Gary Clark, Jr, Eric Gales, Davy Knowles
Release Date
October 10, 2021
Independent Release

Mention the Blues, and the images that spring to my mind are the hill country of Northern Mississippi, the backwoods of Alabama, and…Brazil? Sure. Why not? The Blues is a highly emotional art form and irretrievably tied to the human psyche, no matter where you are on the map. Mario Rossi fully understands this and pours his soul into every note. 

The Blues can be ultra-complex or two-note simple. Rossi’s style embodies both ends of the spectrum. Gravel voiced in all the right spots and silky smooth in others, his imperfect yet impassioned vocal delivery satisfies through and through. Rossi’s guitar is part Peter Green, a little Joe Bonamassa, and all heart; he has the fire in his belly, and it shows.

‘Heavy’ is densely packed with catchy hooks and groove for days. Guitars are fat and fiery, rhythms are tight and greasy, with enough fat bottom end to make the rockin’ world go round. Not the most imaginative lyrics, but the emotion is all there, front and center. To quote a local radio station, “this is Blues you can use.”

From straight-up Blues rockers (“Nemesis”) to slow burners (“That Letter”), he covers ample ground, but clocking in at only 34ish minutes, it leaves me wanting just a bit more. Then again, that is one of the first rules, isn’t it?

The standout track is “Acid/Chemistry,” an (unintentional?) grimy bastardized offspring of several Led Zeppelin riffs. Blues Rock personified, this song will stop many listeners in their tracks. It is clearly influenced by other greats, yet it makes its own nooks and crannies and settles in wherever it damn well pleases. Killer tune! Killer album. Second helping, please.

"part Peter Green, a little Joe Bonamassa, and all heart"

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