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Titan – ‘Palingenesia’

Grumpy Mood Records
Accept, Killers, H-Bomb, Sortilège, Dum Dum Bullet, Trust
Release Date
November 26, 2021
Grumpy Mood Records
Heavy Metal/Speed Metal

                In the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’, John Belushi uttered the immortal line: “we’re putting the band back together!” and a similar conversation must have occurred in France in 2017 when Titan got back together for the first time in around 30 years. This year has the French heavy metal legends finally returning with their sophomore album and their first in 35 years ‘Palingenesia’.

                Pertaining to a ‘rebirth’, the word palingenesia has been carefully chosen here; this is Titan making a big statement. Nous sommes de retour – we are back! And this time, it is the real deal, the 80’s? pfft, that was just the dress rehearsal. However, time has not tarnished Titan, the band are as fast and tight as they were back in 85, in fact, now, they’re tighter, their sound has been refined and distilled down into a perfect blend of heavy and speed metal. Tracks such as ‘Les Fous de Dieu’, ‘Utopie’ and ‘Rage et Haine’ conjure up the enjoyability of Killers, H-Bomb and Sortilège, as they put their foot to the floor and let that engine roar through a fearsome production that forces the neck to go back and forth with vocalist Patrice Le Calvez screeching like a French Udo Dirkschneider.

                ‘Palingenesia’ shows that Titan are far from done, the cult French metallers have returned with a great album which demonstrates that their creative well is far from empty. Just don’t leave it another 35 years.

"a great album which demonstrates that their creative well is far from empty"

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