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Opera Diabolicus – ‘Death On A Pale Horse’

Season of Mist
King Diamond, Candlemass, Notre Dame, Them
Release Date
November 26, 2021
Season of Mist
Epic Heavy/Gothic/Doom/Progressive Metal

                If a week is a long time in politics then a decade is a quillennia in music, that’s how long it has nearly been since Opera Diabolicus last released an album. Thankfully, Opera Diabolicus are going to fix that immediately with the release of their sophomore album ‘Death on a Pale Horse’.

                It may have been nine years, but has it been worth the wait? You bet your dead, rotting rectum that its been worth the wait. Opera Diabolicus have brought with them an entire corpse collection cart of tracks which show that both Adrian de Crow and David Grimoire (definitely their real names) have been beavering away. The duo behind Opera Diabolicus have brought some big names in the rock and metal world to guest on this latest plague-ridden offering from Mats Levén and Snowy Shaw to Andy LeRocque and Michael Denner with the latter two delivering an absolutely stunning guitar solo during ‘Second Coming’. Yet, the plaudits here do almost entirely to Levén as the ex-Candlemass man provides an excellent voice for the landscape of Armageddon as ‘Death…’ soars between elements of epic heavy metal and doom, through sweepings of progressive and gothic metal.

                The Swedish band have delivered an album of hauntingly good heavy metal that could fill a big King Diamond shaped album hole in recent years. ‘Death…’ is an album which has been crafted very well, it manages to sidestep the cookie cutter monotony and this allows it to stand tall amongst its peers. Just don’t leave it too long before the next release eh?

"hauntingly good heavy metal"

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