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Morgul Blade – ‘Fell Sorcery Abounds’

No Remorse Records
Dawnbringer, Brocas Helm, Agatus, Nite, Exmortus, 3 Inches of Blood
Release Date
November 26, 2021
No Remorse Records
Heavy Metal

                Morgul Blade, what a cool name for a band, the listener knows that they are in for a ride when you know a band knows their Tolkien. Morgul Blade rode forth from Philadelphia in 2019 with their superb EP ‘Harbingers of Power and the World’s End’ and it set the scene perfectly for their debut album this year ‘Fell Sorcery Abounds’.

                With ‘Fell Sorcery Abounds’, Morgul Blade have delivered an album which has all epicness of pinning somebody down and force feeding them the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy page by page. This is heavy metal on a truly monumental scale, it’s a long quest chain which is all consuming, engrossing the person to continue listening as tracks such as ‘He Who Sits Upon the Black Throne of Angmar/The Morgul Blade’, ‘The Five Will Ride at Dawn’ and ‘The Beacons Must Be Lit!’ providing reward after reward. This means that this debut album has all the awesome epic nature of 3 Inches of Blood, Brocas Helm and Dawnbringer all rolled into a trad metal masterpiece. However, what sets this band apart from many of their peers is the fact that this isn’t just a blatant Iron Maiden worship, there are some real black metal growls that pierce through the mix meaning that ‘Fell Sorcery Abounds’ breaks the trad metal mould and brings a wider appeal into the forefront.

                We are right at the arse end of the year, and it is squeaky bum time for putting together end of year lists, but Morgul Blade have made a very late charge for a high position, so much so we’ve stopped taking bets on it.

"Morgul Blade have made a very late charge for a high position and all bets are off on whether it'll happen"

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